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Aerospace Education

Bakalar Composite Squadron receives a tour of the Cummins Aviation hangar courtesy of Cummins Captain Lauren Maas

Join the Civil Air Patrol

We invite you to join us.  The Civil Air Patrol is comprised of professional volunteers to train to be ready to serve our communities, states and nation.  Joining the Bakalar Composite Squadron in Columbus will connect you with other cadets and adults looking to make a difference in our community!

Cadet Programs

Find out about the opportunities for students 12-21 to participate in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program.  Cadets get to learn about leadership, aviation, physical fitness, volunteer service and so much more.  Whether you are interested in possibly joining the military, thinking about becoming a pilot, or just to serve your community when emergencies arise, the Civil Air Patrol is for you!

Emergency Services

One of the primary missions of Civil Air Patrol is to help our community, state and nation in times of need.  The members of the Bakalar Composite Squadron in Columbus train regularly to be able to respond when an emergency arises.  There are opportunities to serve as in communications, on a ground team for search and rescue, with an aircrew flying missions, as a drone pilot, and many more opportunities available with the Civil Air Patrol.

Come Fly With US

Are you a pilot looking to build your hours?  Are you looking for a new challenge when flying or a way to serve others while flying?  The Civil Air Patrol has a fleet of over 650 Cessna aircraft and we need pilots with a passion for serving others.  As a mission pilot, you can serve on an aircrew to search for a missing person, locate a downed aircraft, or obtain imagery of damage from natural disasters.  Orientation pilots get to share their passion for aviation with cadets while teaching them specific piloting skills.  Find out about how you can fly with us!

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